Thursday, May 10, 2012

the supreme pursuit of the tamil people

what do dogs do? they guard the house and secure the farms.

what do cats do? they hunt rats.

what do birds do? they go about their work, collecting food, and they are used by humans as food sometimes, and their droppings are used as fertilizers.

what do ants do? they go about their work,collecting food, acting in unison.

what do tamils do? they worship a monkey and an elephant. they want some help from the gods, in this short life. anybody who promises some help from the gods is immediately made a god-man by the tamils. they also think that their present life is carrying the effects of their past life. anybody who prescribes some way to overcome those effects is immediately prized as an astrologer by these tamils.

in short, these tamils are the only ones in life that do not do their duties, as the dogs, cats, birds and ants do.

these tamils are proud, greedy and jealous. they cannot think of their fellow tamils as one of their own. In this aspect, they are similar to the dogs and the cats, who fight among each other.

these tamils are not happy with work and the resulting returns. they do not have the potential for being satisfied. they want more wealth. they want to buy the latest tv, ac, bike, car, house.

the duty of life for these tamils is to buy the latest tv, ac, bike, car, house.

that is why they are born into this world.

that is why they are alive.

that is why they have taken to visit a place called tirupathi.

long live the tamils.

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