Thursday, March 15, 2012

the poor tamils

they do not even have their own new year.

they think that whatever the brahmins tell them are supremely devotional.

they do all that the brahmins tell them to do.

at their marriages, the brahmins have to chant some mantras, which these tamils have no way of understanding.

but still, the brahmins need to officiate their marriages.

however, when it is time for death, the brahmin is not needed.

the tamils do all the pujas, yaagas, prescribed by the brahmins, when they build houses, open shops etc.

for these tamils, the brahmins are the crutch.

as they go about making money, they develop fears, and to nullify them, they go to the brahmins.

as a result, the tamils forget, erase their history.

they cannot even countenance someone telling them that their past was glorious and flourishing, without the brahmins.

what a fool you are, they tell the person that informs.

and then they go everywhere, to every temple, that the brahmin asks them to go.

they think that only the last 500 years count.

everything before that is not needed for them.

as they go about earning, with the support of the brahmins.

if only the last 500 years count, then why make a hue and cry about the tragedy that has befallen the eelam tamils.

when you vote for a chief minister who decides what is your new year, and you are happy, as you are continued to be linked to your favorite gods, why do you make a hue and cry about what happens in eelam.

if the buddhists want to decide for the eelam tamils, what their history is, why are you making a hue and cry.

when you yourself have allowed a brahmin to decide your new year, and erase your history.

why cannot the buddhist do the same in sri lanka.

you, the tamil, living in tamilnadu, do not want anything to come in between you and your favorite gods, and your money-making capacity and potential.

then why do you want to wage the cause of the eelam tamil.

you will laugh off when told that tamil scholars decided that we, the tamils, need a new year connected to our heritage, and not connected to some brahmin invention.

you will not realise that what has happened in eelam, is happening here silently, by the peddling of the so-called hindu religion to you.

just like the jaffna library was razed, the anna centenary library will be destroyed.

do you know what Anna spoke, what Anna lived, what Anna created.

If you know, you will cry and die, when you realise that the Anna DMK is the ruling party in your state.

you will cry and die when you realise that it is the Anna DMK that changed your new year, from the secular heritage, to the brahmin heritage.

if you have sold your history and culture to the brahmin and his utterances, if you have shed your history and culture for the comfort of mantras and money.

then, you, the tamil of tamilnadu, has no right to stop the sinhalese from doing what he wants.

the brahmin cannot be faulted, when the tamils are overeager to buy their wealth and their success, with mantras.

the brahmin cannot be faulted, when the tamils want more money and perennial power, over peace and harmony.

those brahmins who counter the tamils who want to lead their people into the glory and the honour of their heritage, it is those brahmins who have to be faulted.

the poor tamils will continue to worship vinayaga and vishnu.

the poor tamils will continue to allow the construction of a cult of siva, that is being built with help from the north indian hindutva organisations.

the poor tamils will forget that, if at all there is a saivism, it is that saivism which says anbe sivam.

the poor tamils will not realise that that original thinking, does not need a brahmin priest officiaiting with sanskrit mantras.

the poor tamils will recall that 200 years back, tamil was termed as an unholy language, and kept out of temples.

they allowed the brahmins to occupy the helm, and that is what happened.

remember, what happened to the eelam tamils, was a result of internal divisions.

if it is the buddhist there, it is the brahmin here.

the final guilt lies within us, when we allow outside forces to wreck and rewrite our culture and history.

along with the loss of your new year, you also lost the chennai sangamam, because that could have been your reconnect to your real culture.

when you have been vanquished neatly here, it is indeed painful to see that our eelam people have been vanquished brutally.

if you want to make a hue and cry about the tragedy in eelam, do it by stating to the sinhalese, why did you vanquish our people so brutally, see how we allowed ourselves to be vanquished so neatly and smoothly.

tell the sinhalese that he made a mistake.

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