Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Human Being

The Human Being, Pranab mukherjee, was asked sometime in 2009, at chennai airport, about reports of civilian casualties, in the war in sri lanka.

The human being, pranab mukherjee, mockingly and derisively, replied, " are you worried about the civilians or the LTTE."

Such and similar human beings are behind this government that is run by the indian national congress.

Such and similar beings think that power will handle everything, that power will keep everything going, that power will keep everything intact.

The human beings who ran lehmann brothers, goldman sachs, citibank and mf global also thought the same way.

When some human beings think that power will get away with everything, they are one step away from falling into the abyss.

the human beings of the central government tell today that there are ten days till the vote at the UN.

Such human beings have lost the quality of truth, the quality of conscience, and the quality of honour. they are one step away from the abyss, away from throwing away sixty years of cohesion.

and editors like siddharth varadajan who lament about hostile receptions for sinhalese academics are going to plunge into the abyss.

a person like N Ram who interviewed Mr President has left the scene, but his role in propping up the genocide are well documented.

at least N Ram had a foreign accent, siddharth varadajan with his neutral accent should have known better than to lament for sinhalese academics.

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