Friday, March 16, 2012

siddharth varadarajan is lord of all he surveys

The fellow says," After creating a furore over the war in Sri Lanka during the elections, the DMK's only concern after the results was how many and which cabinet positions the party would get in the new government."

According to this fellow, then, because of the war in sri lanka, the DMK should have given up bargaining for cabinet positions, and must have accepted whatever the Indian National Congress decided to give up.

In other words, this fellow states that the war in sri lanka and the war crimes committed by the sri lankan army, which are only now beginning to come to light, must have made the DMK  to suspend all its political activity.

This fellow says that the DMK must have turned into a sanyasi, doing nothing but waiting for whenever the war crimes are brought to light.

This fellow wants the DMK to suspend existence.

The fellow then goes on to prove that he has become lord of all he surveys.

He says that the statement by the sri lankan envoy will," only worsen the din."

The fellow says that the  “feelings” of the political parties in Tamil Nadu are a din, and that the statement by the sri lankan envoy will only worsen the din.

din means a loud confused noise. noisy clamor.

this fellow describes the actions of the political parties of Tamil Nadu as a loud confused noise.

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