Thursday, March 15, 2012

the cause and the result

longest love making scene on 'bade acchhe lagte hain'---bade achhe lagte hain goes bold...

battered baby falak dies...

what causes teen will be primarily lack of education and a secure home,life. but even among educated people, such cases of teen mothers have been seen, which can be traced at least in part to exposure to movies, tv, to the peddling of commercialised entertainment.

even a person like ratan tata has to earn by stealing money from docomo subscribers in the garb of user tones, and sending messages that peddle hot videos, beach girls. of course, the people calling and procuring the subscriptions earn 5-7 thousand per month.  if ratan tata needs to peddle hot videos, then ekta kapoor also must be quite tempted to peddle love making scenes.

for teens living on streets, the movie world is the only place where they can forget their struggle. and when that movie world has movies and lifestyles as shown in the hindi movies, then teenage mothers can surely be the result.

the movies of the eighties and nineties were a way of getting assured that evil does not triumph. then, some movie makers wanted to make movies showing the so-called reality of our world.

now, we have the hindi movies, where the lifestyle is the star, the flashiest, the raunchiest, the sexiest, the loudest, the richest, the filthiest....that is the hindi movie world today.

even an ostensibly family movie like the recent shahrukh khan movie had a song where the dancers wore something like bikinis.

these people do not know how to make movies without the accessories. they make movies centered around sex and violence. all the subjects are derived from these two.

even the tamil film billa had a dialogue that justified violence, and another film mangaata showed the peddling of sex and violence. movies made by prabhu deva, saran need to have bikini-clad westerners or Indians.

there are no entertainers with the odd item song.

now, there are heroines wearing little to nothing, and themes that sell the western lifestyle, where violence and fantasy are shown as the new world.

such an aspiration in a teen will result in death, even for a monied teen. for an unmonied teen, it will result in crime and extreme consequences.

these are then picked up by the shameless vultures of the electronic media.

this electronic media also covers movies and their stars extensively.

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