Saturday, December 10, 2011

some indians

there are some indians who do not want leaders, who do not like leaders.

they want jokers. they like jokers. they prefer the jokers.

what do the jokers do.

they start thinking they are the biggest and the best.

they even develop a theory of the joke.

then, the some indians congregate around the jokers.

they have attained the supreme achievement of the human being.

so they believe, because, they are surrounded by plenty of beggars, the modern-day beggars, who wear suits and speak english. and hold mikes, the indian english electronic media, who need to beg, they can do nothing else.

now, the jokers and their mob feel a crazed power. they are on television.

this is tahrir square.

now, even they can speak with drawling accents on tv, just like some egyptians did a few weeks ago.

the jokers have convinced their crowd that a democracy has no room for decency and dignity.

slowly, the crowd around the jokers convince themselves that they live under a dictator.

this is the life that these some indians have elected to live, in the company of jokers, with the attitudes of supreme idiocy and half-lunacy.

this is what happens when you engage a joker. but jokers or not, the joker has to be engaged, as he is a citizen. when it is a joker of the century, things get tough. 

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