Monday, November 21, 2011

the circus

this is going to reach tipping point soon. we the indians spread over all the country, working and sending money to our homes, learning different cultures, languages, and ways of life, living with common sense as we have lived through the millennia, accepting and absorbing all the ways of thinking out there, are now faced with one community, the brahmins, and their organizations, wanting to kill the human spirit at any cost, all for their god-forsaken, diseased and inhuman mantras and rituals. at the forefront of the destructive aim of this community of inhuman humans is the bharatiya janata party.

providing support are the jokers and the clowns. prime among them is subramanian swamy, right behind is anna hazare and his three rotters.

why are we allowing this circus to go on?

there are some corporate entities which thought that A Raja, the DMK, and the dravidians could be easily kept down. but now, all the people of this country who have the common sense and the character that is the hallmark of our nation are uniting with the dravidians in having identified the ideology that kills, brahminism.

the jokers and the clowns go about their last act, confident that they have the masses in their thrall.

but, nature will allow only so much inhumanity to raise its head.

the end for this ideology called hindutva is very near, all the main characters will soon realise that truth strikes surely and severely. the scum will retreat into the drains, mortally wounded, even where we should not allow them to have an unhindered existence.

with today's act of the jokers and the clowns and the acts in parliament, the last stage of the fight of humanity against disease has begun.

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