Sunday, December 18, 2011


at long last, the joker was shown a black flag.

in this vast country, the joker made idiots of everyone, with his clownact, until he thought he could even try out the act in TamilNadu as well.

here, the joker was asked to GO BACK. the joker was shown the black flag.

the joker is right now enacting his act in pachaiappan college in chennai.

the tragedy of the earth is there are some idiots who put our ANNA in the same frame as this joker.

there are idiots.

there are idiots who think clowning around with the joker and his associated three rotters is a good thing.

the joker better realise that the greatness of humanity is that we countenance such a joker and his vile acts with just the waving of the black flag.

the greatness of humanity probably has to be matched at the other end of the spectrum with characters such as this joker, bereft of dignity, simplicity, and loaded with disease, the disease of pride and arrogance.

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