Friday, December 23, 2011


among all the pretenders pretending to be MEDIA  in our country, there is not one single reporter, correspondent, editor, newspaper or television channel, that is able to reveal to anna hazare is a fool, and a dangerous fool, infact an idiot and a joker as well.

they all cover him, just because they detect that their food needs are met for the day, and possibly for days to come. none of them have any dignity of life. if they have to beg from a joker, so be it.

one bigmouth of THE HINDU,  finds time to defend and praise the chief minister of Tamilnadu, for having emptied her house, of people.

this is the MEDIA, that even now, cannot come to finding out that vinod rai stabbed, defiled and murdered the country of one billion two hundred million people. such a mass murderer is being defended by the MEDIA    even now. the murderer still walks the corridors of power, while the joker and his three rotters go about DEFACING the country.

the MEDIA, which has a bloody idiot called sanjeev srivastava also, in our country, has the role of giving publicity to those defile and deface the country. 

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