Thursday, November 17, 2011

the big news that HEADLINES TODAY will be covering through the day

when there is a necessity to beg for one's living, channels like HEADLINES TODAY  will be frantically looking for the big news for the day.

the tragedy is that all those watching are being made idiots and scoundrels.

headlines today tells that it has taken possession of a note by A Raja, in which he writes that the pm and fm were consulted on the dilution of stake by swam and unitech.

subramanian swamy, one part of the scum duo talks to the channel and congratulates the channel for having taken possession of the note.

the half of the scum duo tells that swan has become etisalat and that unitech has become uninor. the half of the scum duo also tells this wont stand in a court.

the channel next tells that rbi governor had asked for spectrum to be auctioned, and that ministers had noted that 2 licenses had been acquired by some for speculative purposes.

the channel, were it not having the curse to beg for a living, will point out that you can't auction something when others have been given the license for a fixed amount.

the channel will also point out that if at all someone is asking for a uction, then it is at the behest of the existing operators who want to continue their stranglehold.

the call for auction is by inefficient bureaucrats who live in the realm of statics and theorising.

if they had been heard, we would have by now had huge billionaires in the form of the first operators and their companies. the inefficient and undeserving fools would have continued debating and would have allowed for new 2g licenses to be stalled until possibly now. 3g would have been way out in the future.

a minister who knows to take decisions took the decisions, and we have a telecom revolution, 3 g has already been brought on, and 4 g would have been possibly here by next year, if  A Raja was still the minister.

but, the sabotage was engineered with THE FOOL VINOD RAI  at the center of it.

THE FOOL VINOD RAI  made out a report alleging that 176000 crores had been lost.

But A Raja has ensured that prices are down for the common man, and that they will stay there, etisalat is waiting to come in to the picture, and AIRTEL  has lost its monopoly and has consistently been reporting losses.

the second part of the conspiracy was the release of THE RADIA TAPES,  where a bigger web was sought to be spun.

if THE FOOL VINOD RAI  and those behind the release of THE RADIA TAPES are not punished severely for this conspiracy, then this country will disintegrate. it will be prove that conspiracies can be hatched to ruin and destroy government.

and HEADLINES TODAY  will be begging with music in the background as it is doing today that '2G NOTE RETURNS TO HAUNT CHIDAMBARAM.'

THE FOOL and his co-conspirators need to be punished for this country to get back to honesty, dignity, and the full achievement of the god-given land.

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