Thursday, November 10, 2011

can the word 'dignity' ever be used in the vicinity of anna hazare

the joker/entertainer responded to prithviraj chavan, asking that should everybody who fights against corruption be fighting elections. the joker/entertainer then asked what kind of a democracy this is.

this is a democracy where everything, all the members of parliament, the entire structure, is being dictated to by one idiot wearing a gandhi cap and three unbelievable rotters.

it is the shame of the country that this idiot is being listened to, as he rubbishes all of us with his language. this idiot does not know how to talk, does not know how mature adults do business, does not know what dignity is.

 and he has the sickest shrieker, the one person amongst the billion who can be definitely labeled as wasted.

this group of sick idiots are being listened to by us.

how much disease will we withstand before ejecting the disease organisms.

we were led to this disease because the temple of the people has been defiled by the bharatiya janata party.

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