Tuesday, November 15, 2011


the fool vinod rai has taken his idiocy to a select committee of parliament. if this were a country not under the siege of inhuman beings grouped under a party with the name bharatiya janata party, this fool would have been revealed to the people yesterday itself.

a fool is a fool and can never change himself, admit him in LKG and yet he will remain a fool.

the most amazing thing in this entire episode is that we have something called the MEDIA in our country. there is no body in this entity called MEDIA that could argue cogently and simply the fact that vinod rai is a fool.

it will be written in history that here was a fool who went all the way to the post of COMPTROLLER AND AUDITOR GENERAL, and performed the most idiotic act that any responsible human being ever did, and then this fool actually stood by it, when questioned by a select committee of parliament.

it is one thing to consider some things, and it is another thing to send everything that is considered to parliament.

this fool does not bother about the matter of level=playing field.

this fool does not realise that 2g and 3g are different.

this fool does not realise that the concerned regulatory authority gave its opinion.

this fool does not realise that you do not get windfalls in reality.

this fool does not realise that the telecom story is a proven success as far as the 2g goes, and that 3g is a proven failure as of today.



the greatest story of the country called INDIA was enacted on 15/11/2011 when a fool walked into parliament and attempted to make idiots of the members of a select committee of parliament.

the way that humanity has evolved and made progress, the way that humanity thinks builds and evolves, the way that humanity progressed, all of that was turned into rubbish, by one fool and his insistence to stick to his idocy.

if an adherence to an ideology called hindutva is what made this fool behave like this, then the sheer insanity and criminality of that ideology is revealed to us, all clear and perfect.

the last two years in our country India is the time when THE FOOLS  took over, when the likes of anna hazare, vinod rai, and o p  saini occupied the center stage.

these have been the years when true honest and inspiring progress and achievement have been replaced by the arrogant inhuman and animallike activities of THE FOOLS to attempt to grab the processes of the people.

these have been the years when we were injured and stupefied by the activities of THE FOOLS   who wished to take over the institutions of democracy and for that their cohorts even managed to vandalise the temple of the people. the fools and their cohorts do not acknowledge defeat, they talk scream and shout with the cloud of disease.

yesterday one of these types told that he would'nt mind telling rahul gandhi jai after the pok pal is passed. such is the characters out of which THE FOOLS  have sprung out. THE FOOLS  assume that the rest do not have any other destiny but to brook THE FOOLS.

this is no ordinary time. this is the extraordinary time when THE FOOLS  performed on our center-stage. the diseased FOOLS  are enacting a script which is being recorded for all time to recollect and be aghast that such a crowd of humans existed, and that they were given the pride of prominence.

These are the times when WE THE PEOPLE  were defiled and denigrated. when WE THE PEOPLE and our spirit were nearly killed.

These are the extraordinary times.

how not to live, how not to behave, how not to work, how not to talk.

that is what anna hazare, vinod rai, op saini, are demonstrating to the mass of humanity.

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