Wednesday, November 2, 2011

again, an instance of undeserving and unmeritorious individuals at the helm

it is as simple as anything ever.

when you accuse someone of conspiring to commit a crime, you have to have a crime to begin with.

if you accuse murder, you have to have a body. when there is no body, can somebody accuse another person. surely not. but, because someone is missing, can any associate of the missing person be automatically arrested. and then, can any associate of the associate also be arrested.

months after the arrest, there is no sign of any body. in fact, the missing person is in fact hale and hearty living in another locality, and everyone knows that too. but, having alleged murder, without just going and finding out that the missing person is in fact doing well, the court and the cbi just go on prosecuting the court and wanting the arrested people to continue in jail.

when you have a crime to begin with, then there will come the question of the role of someone who was found to have backed the original accused.

first, you have to determine that there were illegal allocations of spectrum. if the due process was followed, then there is no illegality.

next, comes the question of any payoff.

here, if there is an alleged payoff to a third alleged player, how do you link that third alleged player to the original person accused.

when, you have not yet proved illegality in allocation, when the alleged payoff is to the third alleged player, and that alleged payoff was done through bank transactions, why will the third alleged player be kept under arrest.

that is what the judge called o.p saini wants to do.

in the India of today, there are no principles of law, there are no structures of governance.

what we have is the possibility of sabotaging the entire mechanism by one fool, who occupies the post of CAG,  and then, all the undeserving and unmeritorious individuals that man the system, start performing charades of going about their jobs.

it is the surfeit and deathgrip of such individuals in and on the system that we have maoists and naxalites, that we have death sentences on perarivalan and afzal guru.

it is the existence of such a undeserving lot at the levers of the system that an individual like jayalalitha can disown her own signature in a document towards purchasing property, and then proceed to sumbit the property back to the government.

it is time for a revolution by whatever means, where the dubious pretenders manning the system and the modern-day beggars of the media are eliminated from their parasitic perch in positions for which they are least equipped.

after turning on the tv, i spot a headline on NDTV that JUDGE: ACCUSED RUINED ECONOMY.

 this must be the deepest point that the system can sink to, where those possessing responsibility, are found to be unequipped to handle it.

it is the most shameful day for the country and the system in India.

next, a third-rate lawyer called mahesh jethmalani proves that he is an unfit lawyer, speaking on ndtv.

there is also a report by an ndtv correspondent that the judge said that the wrong message must not go out to society.

if that statement is true, then the judge op saini is a fool and an idiot unlike any other, unfit to deserve the title of a judge.

the few fools stymie a billion plus people.

the problem is that there is no one here to state the obvious, that the misconduct of the judge would tend to cause far greater harm to the administration of justice than sleeping with a prostitute or driving whilst impaired.

as this article quotes...

if it is our country, our Tamilnadu, Kannada Nadu, Andhra Nadu or Malayala Nadu, or Dravida Nadu, we will be speaking our mind when we encounter fools.

here, there is a fool acting as the judge in faraway Delhi pretending to be something which he is very obviously not, and others of his ilk, pretending and acting like meritorious characters.

and we have the modern-day beggars of the media reporting it to us.

there is no use of a country if the governmental and judicial mechanism is not clear, simple and unpretentious, in line with basic principles.

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