Monday, October 24, 2011

what happened to this

this report is from February.

are we any wiser today about these statements that made it to the newspapers.

the CBI  and the judge saini either seem to be totally illmade and illequipped for their positions, or are having an urge to make utter idiots of themselves in public.

the judge saini has reportedly found it fit to charge reliance on its swan conection. the company however tells the exact opposite.

im sure that any body with a knowledge of english can read the relevant law and determine whether reliance was in violation of any law at any time.

but the judge saini could not do it, and instead determines that whatever the cbi tells looks and sounds viable.

the judge saini is wasting the time and money that belongs to all of us by allowing a charge to be framed that can either be true or false.if the charge is true, then why is reliance denying it.

we have to realise, at least now, that the people at the helm of affairs in government, bureaucracy, and media are undeserving and illmade for such roles of responsibility. we have a bunch of wholly disastrous imposters running the affairs of our country. for such a diseased and pretending crowd, the process of derailing an up and coming leader like A Raja and a pro-people party like the DMK  seems to be enjoyable.

it is proof of the extent of ineptitude of this lot that they do not realise that they are well enroute to revealing that they are not fit to man the helm of affairs.

the judgement will have to be given soon, and the law will tell us clear who the asses are.

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