Monday, October 24, 2011

defending the fool

the article states,"If, as a result of the CWG and the 2G controversies, the CAG and his reports are now better known than before, that is a very good development."

this is like stating that honour killings have made caste conflict better known than before, that is a very good development.

tthe fool vinod rai has destabilised the nation, democracy, dignity of everything official, and aided the rise of the joker/entertainer and the three rotters, and the scum duo. the nation is distracted fatally, and at the end, it will be spelt out that vinod rai is a fool, who got into a position that he is least able to carry out. the fool thought we are all fools. we were damaged by idiotic lunacy.

now, when the cag instituition has been destroyed and shattered by someone who does not know that in life, you function within the realms of rationalism and possibility, we have Ramaswamy R. Iyer defending this cag.

the illequipped and the inept and the undeserving are being defended by someone in a mainstream newspaper.

the fool, vinod rai, who did not understand, that in life, you look at the available issues and make a decision. that is how humanity has developed to the extent that iam blogging today. that is the human way of achieving progress. that is how man learned to fly, by working with what is available and devising a solution. the man who stuck feathers to himself and jumped from a cliff did not invent aircraft. it was the wright brothers who did it repeated attempts.

why did india not achieve anything, like the west and the arabs and the incas did. because we have people like vinod rai and ramasamy r iyer, who have no chance of understanding the simplicity and dignity of life, but are ensconced in positions where they mislead, cheat, corrupt and stifle. the subcontinent was killed by such mindsets. these diseased forces of a diseased thinking are trying to rescue the diseased so-called religion.

and THE HINDU  publishes it.

how long more is it before vinod rai is certified as a fool.

till then, the modern-day beggars of the media will talk about someone spending diwali in jail, as if diwali is the greatest bequest of nature to man.

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