Saturday, October 22, 2011

readers of hindustan times

immam says-Usual story.They will all get bail now and live happily ever after with their loot not siezed so far by the CBI.The litigation will not end in their or our lifetimes.

anil-One would wonder why Kani-Raja not asking for leniency by spelling all the beans. Is there anything to loose? They would have something to give by making best out of their "disaster"

noopur-The justice system leaves little for debate, since the outcome is very clear from onset.....This case will be like others  high profile cases like Mayawati's asset or Lalu's Fodder case or Badal's asset......The list goes on and on.......Justice  in India has been made to make the criminals/babu's crooks go scot free..

swamirajah-I pity Raja and Kani.They do not have the support which is enjoyed by the former Governor of Tamilnadu and his familymembers who were involved in various of Universities in Tamilnadu right from admissions to computers.This is known to everyone including BJP.Yet they keep a golden silence along with Tamilnadu congress leaders.This is intriguing

DGR-Upto now there are 65 comments on this subject. If all these 65 commentators read carefully the whole of the article they will discover that neither the corruptors (culprits Raja and so on) have anything to fear from this court action or court statement. Secondly the commentators - all of the 65 do not have to get angry or start commentating about something that does not mean anything within the context of these judicial proceedings. In other words even Raja and the rest do not have to fear anything WHY? yes read the headline what Delhi court has said and what Raja and his associates are charged with "CRMINAL BREACH OF TRUST."  These words don't mean a squat and therefore Raja can sleep soundly at night as this so called charge does not mean anything in judicial terms. All this means that Raja and his associates will be admonished at best and may be asked to pay a small fine and/or return sdome of the loot they have pocketed. I have never in my life heard anything called criminal breach of trust. All this is now for the show or the event called "universal exhibition of corruptions without consequences". Here we go again lot of investigation, lot of hoha, lot of ballyho, lot of homeraids, lot of protests of innocence and so on but nothing comes out which has any substantial value - Window dressing. Incredible India is it not? Raja I congratulate you for a masterly performance. UPA Govt you have done it again told the people you are hunting down and preventing corruptions but at the same you are not destroying any political bridges. CBI why are you bothering? Good luck all.  Jolly good show.

TJ replies to DGR-
Article clearly mentions which section of Indian Penal Code means Criminal Breach of Trust. IPC Section 409. Too lazy to search for it online? Just search and read it for the first time what every person familiar with law knew since forever. While you are at it. Also search for Non-compoundable offence India.

I am not able to understand how can you go on and on about a rant that Criminal Breach of Trust does not mean squat and what not. And it turns out you are not just totally wrong. You ask other people to read the article carefully, while you yourself missed the IPC section that was clearly mentioned?

DGR replies to TJ-I have read the article but you know it and I know it and countless others know it that these charges may have been brought under a certain penal code etc but in reality they don't mean a squat. Why not yes this charge is weaker than all the other charges that could have been brought under various other penal codes etc. So the court chose the weakest of them and hence it does not mean a squat. As for the consequences you know it and I know it at best Raja and his "merry band of thieves" will get admonish, some sort of a fine and then asked to return part of the loot. Do you honestly believe that this UPA Govt is willing to sacrifice an ally in the Govt from South of India for the sake of all this? No. If it did it would have also offered Chidambaran. In advanced and working democracies when an official or a politician comes under the dark clouds he or she resigns or sidesteps until all the enquiries etc are finished. This means Chidambran has to resign and he has to let go. But then the UPA Govt of the Italian lady will fall. I believe personally Sardarjee would like these thieves to go but the Italian maffia won't allow it lest the chips fall down even for her. Raja will get off lightly, mark my words.

narayanananitha-ar Indians,

Do not read too much into the FRAMING OF CHARGES.
The first objective of the framing of charges is to LET these criminals out on bail.

TODAY KARUNA MET SONAI & HAS THREATENED HER, IF KANI IS NOT BAILED OUT HE WILL OPEN THE PANDORA BOX {Meaning - expose Sonia & Chidambaram who are the top beneficiaries in  2G]

Read Salman Kurshid's statement today. He has given a broad hint that bail will be granted to the accused.

DILIP-This is nothing more than a Congress contrived circus, staged managed charade to fool the masses, they are happy to use the small petty thieves as sacrificial lambs, at the alter to save their as*, they are master craftsman in this type of fascade and scndal.The bigger warlords and gangstars remain shrouded and walking around scot free, who have looted our motherland with brazen audacity and impunity, the Congress big fishes remain untouched, having looted over more than $3.2 trillions, in foreign bank accounts.In the history of India this chor and daku Congress  party is responsible for creating and executing thousands of scams with the help of their communal and criminal gangs,, this is worst party we ever had to govern india.  Don't lett any Haji Baba mislead with weapons of deception by using BJP as ruse, the dakus are expert liers and when under the heat they squirm and wiggle like worms. At is about time we have these criminal thugs, desh thgat and anti nationals donkey ride to Kandahar. It is travesty of justice that big fishes of the Congress party manage to avoid the l;egal law arm.

Naiveindian-The thing that bothers me the most is PC has not been sent to jail. The media and the position shouted very briefly and they totally forget about it. PC is also one of master mind in this scandal and he should be in Tihar jail! Forget about Sonia! Even MMS has to go to jail she will escape!

marathaindian-The case will go on until 2022. They will be on Bail all the while. By then a lot of Police,Judges and the babus working will have either retired or dead. Meanwhile these people would have spent the 360 billion dollars on their luxurious life style.Best  eg. Salman and Sanjay,both convicted,both out on bail,yet moving around freely all over the globe. Yeh Hai India. Koi bhi Paise waalon ka aur Italian Family ka kuch bhi nahi ukhaad sakta.

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