Saturday, October 8, 2011

tea party of india

we now have our own tea party crowd here, with the entry of the joker, anna hazare, into electoral campaigns.

the few idiots will make the most noise, and distort everything.

the desperate beggars of the electronic media will cover this noise of the idiots, as it is anyday better than other sensible and reasoned debates.

the joker and his fellow lumpens have started feeling big now, as everyone is afraid of their soundbytes. a country, a subcontinent, is now being sought to be steered by one joker and three other lumpens.

can anyone argue with jokers and lumpens. we need a paul krugman here.

while the hindu newspaper features paul krugman, it also features cartoons such as these, which are a substitute for the lack of conviction to take on the joker and the three lumpens, all because the joker and the three lumpens managed to attract crowds.

we will see soon, how the hindu and other possibly decent media respond when other people arrive with their own crowds, and with human attitudes of commonsense and decency.

the bar has been set, with the response to a joker and three lumpens, who also displayed inhuman attributes of arrogance and dictotorial mindsets.

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