Thursday, October 13, 2011

the state is disintegrating into disease

why didn't govt act in time to stop 2G scam: SC-----this is the headline of the times of india.

so, has the supreme court decided that there has been a scam. if it has done so, then is it now only trying to ascertain the sentences that have to be given to each of the accused.

the new indian express quotes the judges,
"Hearing the bail pleas of two corporate executives accused in the second generation (2G) spectrum case, Justice G.S. Singhvi and Justice H.L. Dattu also observed that the gravity of the alleged crime could have been different if action had been taken on the letter."

how can the gravity of an alleged crime be different? have these two judges already determined that a crime has been committed? if they have indeed done so, then they can ask about some other person not having taken some action, which might have reduced the gravity of the crime. then, the court will have to find out if that some person is guilty of dereliction of duty. but, to begin with, has the court determined that a crime has been committed. if it has so determined, why does not the court tell that to the public.

in the same article comes the crowning glory of the ineptitude of this government and the absolute disgrace that its officers are.

/////Appearing for the prosecution, Additional Solicitor General Haren Rawal sought to draw a line of distinction between the action of Raja and the suggested inaction on the content of the letter written by the prime minister, which had favoured transparent auction.
"The charges of criminality would have still remained because of the decision taken by then telecom minister," he said, seeking to suggest that it was Raja who decided not to change his policy stand and decided to allot spectrum than to go for an auction.///////

are they charges of criminality, or have they been proved.

the pathetic idiot arguing for the prosecution is also quoted in the Hindu as telling," the minister by his conduct and criminal conspiracy brought [about] this situation and even if some action was taken on the
[prime minister's ] letter, criminality would still remain.

if they are discussing criminality, why not discuss it and finish it first. why do the judges need to go into what the prime minister did or did not do. is the pathetic idiot thinking on behalf of the prime minister. why is the judge unnecessarily going into what the prime minister did or did not do.

what is the criminality that would remain. cannot the pathetic idiot arguing the court or the lofty judge hearing the matter, not understand the very basic issue that you cannot auction something when parts ot it has already been given away for a license fee to some. cannot the lofty judges who question a minister about his statement, not question the media, which puts a headline such as'why didn't govt act in time to stop 2G scam: SC'

we now know why the nation is not doing well. we have sickness at the helm of the establishment, in our judges, and our solicitor generals. these are people who are engaged in pretense and mock-believe. these are charades and actors.

how long will all these pathetic idiots take to realise that are only stabbing themselves. the whole issue is one of the most basic simple common sense.

one diseased fool called vinod rai has led the nation of 1 billion human beings into shameful disgrace. one person and his cohorts have felled one billion plus people.

where is the criminality? is it in the auction? if so, let us hear about that, and let us hear about the defense argument clear and sound.

where is the criminality? if not in the auction, is it in undue favours? if so, let us hear about that, and let us hear about the defense argument clear and sound.

all these pathetic idiots who are going about as officials are inept and diseased of the worst kind possible. we are forced to watch such diseases because it is a big country and we have to wait with patience while these pathetic idiots go about their diseased work. 

things will change if the pathetic idiots do not realise that there is something called truth and conscience.

if they have a case, they have to prosecute it now.

but, these pathetic idiots are going about filing cases that a company overvalued itself and that a minister sat on files, and filing criminal cases on such matters.

these are the pathetic and diseased idiots who have allowed one woman to disown her own signature and escape from conviction. these are the same pathetic and diseased idiots who have allowed one woman to escape on the claim that a chargesheet was filed ten years late.

the heart of this nation is diseased and rotting.

the officials, judges and the media are dancing all over the diseased body. what any foreign conspiracy could never have achieved is close to being clinched by these officials, judges and the media.

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