Saturday, October 8, 2011

et tu vasan

anybody who talks about the dravidian parties, about the DMK and the aiadmk in the same vein is destroying truth.

if dr ramadoss was doing it earlier, it seems gk vasan also has spoken something along those lines.

it is a severe attack on the dravidian movement, and all the ideals that it stands for, when the DMK  is compared with a party that was led by mg ramachandran and jayalalithaa.

such a comparison is an unpardonable trashing of history and truth. at the present moment, there might be the question of family dominance. But, that issue is relevant only when there is a deviation from the ideals of the dravidian movement.

It seems that ramadoss and vasan have arrived at the understanding that the ideal of tamil and dravidian culture and rationalism will not attract the people anymore.

if that is the understanding, it only means that we do not have leaders of the calibre of periyar, anna and and leaders who can measure up to kalaignar.

the leadership of that calibre is one that will win, from the power of knowledge, reasoning, and rationalism. the victory of that leadership comes not from decibel shattering oratory or from slandering and vilification, but comes from wisdom, simplicity and truth.

if our people are not to humiliate and degrade themselves further by a descent into the pit dug by brahminism, we need leaders who are wise and rational, and who do not enact attacks on human intelligence and potential, with comparisons of the DMK  and the aiadmk.

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