Friday, October 21, 2011

a nation taken for a sad ride

the government is organising a fair on grounds that it owns.

it is the first time the government is contemplating such a fair.

the purpose is to elevate the social condition of the people and educate them.

as a preliminary step, three companies are allowed to set up stall and get the process started.

the people start to trickle in.

then, a decision is taken to allow more stalls as then there would be competition among the stallowners to uplift their offerings and lower the prices they are charging.

at this stage, some people say that the remaining stalls should be auctioned so as to generate revenues.

however, the minister, A Raja understands that if there is an auction, then the very objective of bringing more people into the grounds will be defeated.

The minister, therefore shoots down the proposal to auction at the very outset.

and for anyone with commonsense, it is clear that having allowed the first three stallowners to just pay a license stage, there is no possibility of allowing an auction.

further, the crying need of the moment is to get the people in. however, there some fools in the government who do not understand that when the people start trickling in and then in droves and millions, the whole social stage is revolutionized, and revenues will any way flow in because of the revenue sharing arrangement with the stallowners.

the process is completed and the new stallowners cut prices sharply, and the entire nation joins the celebration.

a few stallowners get new partners and new capital by divesting their equity. the revenue starts flowing in. the people are empowered and educated.

later, the minister allows for some deluxe stalls for the more moneyed classes. this time, the minister follows the auction route.

here, a pitiable and pathetic wasted human being steps in and makes the allegation that the same money garnered in the auction for the deluxe stalls should have been collected if the ordinary stalls had been auctioned.

the minister is arrested on this basis, and spends months in jail. a loan that he arranged for his leader from one of the stallowners has been labeled as bribe.

there is no one in this country to tell the simple fact that you cannot auction stalls for some while others have been allowed to begin business for a license fee.

the simplest matter is that the existence of the government is not solely and entirely related to the ownership of the ground, for the government to think of making a killing by minting money out of the stallowners.

the government owns the ground and everything above, below and around the ground. and the people own the government.

A Raja who worked for the people and ensured their ongoing development is imprisoned because the nation has been infested with parasites, for whom truth is not supreme, for whom getting prominence in society is the paramount calling in this life on earth.

for these parasites, the vastness of the country provides them with the amorphousness to exist at the top and carry on the act of leeching.

it is probably time to think of bifurcating the country into two halves so that such acts of cheating and fooling the action are not enacted anymore. it is the vastness that allows for the slowness in administration, and for some inefficient leeches to occupy the levers of administration and media.

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