Tuesday, September 27, 2011

going round and round and round, where do we get off, this is crazy and stupid

this is what the cbi is feeling.

in the midst of the craziness, they have decided that some bravado will save some face, and have filed a new charge.

all the buffoons of the media and all the lumpens of the opposition now have taken up a note by an official of the finance ministry.

there does not seem to be any way for a contrary opinion to be voiced, that is then grasped by the buffoons and the lumpens.

the whole country seems to be the playfield and the circus.

the buffoons and the lumpens will keep playing on and on and on.

the CBI  is caught in this game of pretense now, trying to outwit the buffoons and the lumpens.

the court is sinking into this quagmire of the game of the buffoons and the lumpens.

One part of the sum duo, subramanian swamy, brings out a new trick in the midst, trying to beat the buffoons and the lumpens.

what is the scam all about?

is there anything at all in the complaint of the process having not been followed by A Raja.

till now, there is nothing at all about the fundamental point from the buffoons and the lumpens.

if this is how democracy is axed at the root, there is no way that any serious and real issue will ever be faced anytime.

we will always have the buffoons/beggars, and the lumpens playing their sick game.

where do we progress, how do we progress, when we have surrendered our dignity to the buffoons and the lumpens.

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