Friday, September 9, 2011

the joker/entertainer and the three rotters

their act is over, now this  lot is filing defamation suits.

is there a difference between the indian Mujahideen and the joker/entertainer and the three rotters.

both these groups have contempt for democracy and the rule of law.

while one is killing in its fanaticism, the other group is confident of its potential to mobilise the masses. this second group, the joker/entertainer and the three rotters, are more dangerous than the indian mujahideen because they cause lots of people to lose their confidence and balance. they cause the people to lose their well being and progress, infecting them with defeat and despair. this creates despondency and frustration in them, which will then lead them into the slide towards the godmen and their trash dispensations. the people will lose their dignity, thinking ability, and aspiration, and will be reduced to wasted addicts of mass hysteria, they will become puppets, and finally their puppeteers will use their clout to get the rulers who do their bidding, and then we will return to 1300 AD.

Such a character with such a regressive agenda is what the joker/entertainer is. he spits on democracy, and eggs everyone to do the same. all the people who are cheated by the joker/entertainer then spit with fervour on democracy, killing themselves and killing the spirit of humanity to rise forward with the use of our special abilities of thinking, talking, discussing, creating, building and achieving.

the joker/entertainer and the three rotters, in a first step, get the people to shut down their brains, shout, create ruckus, destroy, demolish and stagnate.

such a destructive piece of work is covered by the beggars of the electronic media, who have no means of a honourable living.

combined with the bharatiya joker party, and cowards like the Hindu newspaper, louts like the new indian express, filth like dina mani and dina malar, they have created corruption where there is due process, and have ensconced anti-democratic characters such as jayalalitha and narendra modi in power. these two take the process forward to deliver the masses on a platter to the waiting godmen, who will then wield the strings. the experiment of a country crumbles, initiated by the joker/entertainer and the three rotters. the work of this set of people will be complete.

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