Friday, September 9, 2011

bharatiya joker party

just like a criminal cornering a person on an alley, the bharatiya joker party's leader sushma swaraj is saying that the opposition cornered the government.

the Indian people must be amply cautious of this bunch of jokers, who have proven themselves to be sick and inhuman failures. one of their leaders, the rath yatri lk advani must be the man whose life was wasted the most and whose life tormented, aggrieved, and traumatised the most in recent history. this rath yatri with bloodied hands wrecked the lives of the people of our country by making an attempt to use his sick brain, infected with the disease of the brahmins and their organization, the rss, to destroy the lives and sensibilities of our people.

as the beggars of the electronic media cover the Delhi blasts, they must bang their heads against walls, so that their brains can revive, and point out to the people, that our onward journey, was destroyed by this rath yatri, who even now sits in parliament. what kind of a diesease can wreck an entire country, it is proven that it is the disease of the brahmins, with their organisation the rss having done the damage to the country through the rath yatri and the other diseased individual narendra modi.

what has happened to us, that we allowed such obviously diseased and deranged people to occupy the limelight of our country. the only reason can be that the beggars of the electronic media have given coverage to these diseases, and with that a respectability, that is the most unbelievable action in the history of our country.

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