Tuesday, August 30, 2011

bharatiya joker party

this bunch of ineligible poor things was willing to go by and accept the decision of the joker/entertainer anna hazare.

the president of this group of ineligible poor human beings said that they were willing to follow the actions of the joker/entertainer anna hazare.

one of their past leaders, the rath yathri, lk advani was supposed to have talked to the ex-woman cop and assured her of certain things.

but, the bharatiya joker party is not willing to accept the advice of a governor of a state.

the ineligible shouters and pretenders of the bharatiya joker party will follow a joker/entertainer, an ex-cop running a ngo, but will not take advice of the governor.

the pathetic person who writes editorials at the Hindu will most probably write an editorial criticising the appointment made by the governor.

the Hindu will accept a mob led by joker/entertainers, ex-cops, idiots, a certified scum, but it might not like the appointment of a governor.

only mobs have the right to override due process, an ordinary governor does not have the right, the Hindu might write tomorrow.

how the poor fellows tie themselves up in the fear of losing market share.

UNRECONSTRUCTED--- stubbornly maintaining earlier positions, beliefs etc..not adjusted to new or current situations.

the editorial writer at the Hindu, poor fellows like santhosh hegde, just do not yet get it that 176,000 is accepted and touted by plain good old simpletons, who wear shorts, and hang around doing nothing, who have no idea what it means to possess common sense.

the beggars of the electronic media do not want to accept that they were locked in a grip with a joker/entertainer, and that they could not relieve themselves from the grip, and in the thick of the frustration, lost control of their brains, and finally ended up proclaiming victory for the joker/entertainer.

the cohorts of this set of failed beings are the ineligible things of the bharatiya joker party.

there is a vacuum in the space for media and in the space for opposition party, waiting for honourable people who have dignity and work ethic.

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