Thursday, August 11, 2011

prakash jha

this fellow might be a good filmmaker, i have not seen any of his movies.

but just to watch him for a few minutes on ndtv in the big fight, he came across as projecting a not-a-bit-of-wrong guy. and he had saif ali khan and amitabh bachan supporting him and his supposed balanced viewpoint.

who wants his balanced viewpoint. who is he to put forth a balanced viewpoint. if he were to collect money and make a movie and show it for free, then those who want to expose themeselves to this supposed balanced view point can do so, if they have the time.

in the name of providing entertainment, and peddling brand peddling actors, this guy tries to put some kind of political spin to the masses.

if he is not trying to peddle a spin, he should have made the movie with real people, or ordinary folk, and not brand peddling actors.

who is this guy? what does he want to do?

if he is worried about society, then he should make a movie about the so-called hinduism, and the trash, fantasies, superstitions, contained within it, that have been throttling the entire subcontinent for centuries.

when this death throttle is being pried open, in jump a host of characters, who want to find fault or issue with the prying open of the death trap.

if these fellows had any calibre, then they will expose the so-called hinduism and the way it has been used to establish the positions of certain sections.

the people through their representatives are well and able to handle themselves, and to handle the occasional wannabe do-gooder or do-good pretender, whichever prakash jha may be.

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