Thursday, August 11, 2011

how on earth

we have heard of some utter unbecoming people who stumbled upon the throne and put their people through torture.

i can vouch that nowhere and notime could anyone like jaya, three-time chief minister of Tamilnadu have existed. this is an extraordinary human being, and it is no wonder, that this lady has been spotted in the most ancient culture and civilisation, one that has links to the beginnings of time, and still retains that antiquity, coexistent with the modernity of the twenty-first century. the heights must alternate with the depths.

the language of this culture was not recognized as ancient and classical, and the call for such a recognition was made over a century and more.

when finally, the recognition was given, the chief minister who achieved it called for a celebration, a conference to mark the event. The event was given a logo, centre of which was the most acclaimed poet-philosopher of the language and culture.

the great event of the ongoing rejuvenation of the language and culture, was brought out in textbooks, as a part of some chapters, and the logo was printed on the back covers of textbooks of the students.

now, there is a regime change, and this lady called jaya comes in to power.

what does she do?

she orders that the logo in the books be covered with a black sticker. other references to the celebration are either torn out from the books, or blacked out with ink.

such an act and such a disease is being enacted today. why did humanity make the march over centuries, for there to be a disease like this, a curse like this. how can any human think of such behavior, the most unexposed human would not contemplate something like this.

this order is being obediently followed by the teachers. so much are the people of the state instilled with order and adherence to laws, that they will do all this, all the while giving rope for the alien to write its own obituary.

history is being demolished right in front of the eyes of the very people, who themselves elected this lady, just to check out, what more she can be capable of. she responds with newer acts of unbelievable and unthinkable depth. the people's urge to have some crass entertainment has resulted in their greatest poet-philosopher getting blacked out, right in front of them, in the very books that their children study.

what this is is the revelation that everything comes with a price. the need to be entertained by this actress' crazy and petty antics has resulted in the tearing out of pages from books.

for an outside viewer, the ultimate punchline, the crowning glory, will be when they realise that this lady belongs to a race, and a religion, that is alien to the people. the race that the lady belongs to is not from among the people, neither is the religion of the lady one that is even remotely linked to the people. such a lady from such a religion enacts such acts which are entirely removed from human being and thinking.

there is another big believe it or not at work here.

the Tamil people living in a neighbouring island, had exactly such type of ruler and such acts of inhuman disease tormenting them. but there, the minority had multiplied into a majority, and ended up brutally targeting the native culture and language.

now, this jaya is talking about winning the rights of the Tamils in the neighbouring island, all the while removing references to the celebration of the rejuvenation of the Tamil language here.

all the while trying to dilute the culture of the people, that puts human excellence and achievement at the prime position. that achievement and characteristic of the people will not allow the humour of the fantasies of the religion professed by jaya. hence, human achieement, progress, can be thrown away, when all jaya wants is to uphold the religion followed by her relatives. they do not have anything else to show for their existence. they did not work the land, build capital, trade, establish cities, cultures, civilisations, methods, laws. they just kept thinking of a creator and ways to appease him, and awe the others who worked and achieved.

such a lady from such a religion is at the helm of the ancient Tamil land and civilisation.

Is it the pits or the heights of allowing everyone a place under the sun. either way, when we cannot adhere to our original ways, we lead ourselves into comedy as in our state, and tragedy as in Eelam.

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