Monday, August 1, 2011

the demonstration

the forces behind creation are checking out how somebody who lives in a world of make-believe will behave when given the top-most responsibility.

jayalalithaa has been given a third chance in life. this person with the least sense of what it is to be a responsible human and what it is to be a leader of humans has been given the chance to be the chief minister for a third time.

she has no idea of what she has landed up, even though this is a third chance.

she wants to think that she is the chosen one and hence all the others are to be despised. such an incorrigible human can never have been detected anywhere. the incredible and unbelievable human being that jayalalithaa is can be seen in her acts of scrapping an education scheme for children and leaving the children of an entire state without books.

there are human beings in our state who are actually supporting this act. all that is wrong and can go horribly wrong in human beings can be spotted in the types of characters who actually support the scrapping of education.

how human beings can believe themselves into stupidity and act themselves into comic folly is exemplified in jayalalitha, who is the chief minister of Tamilnadu.

why does such a joke befall the people of Tamilnadu, who are the most amazingly simple and the most amazingly beautiful among human cultures. the purity of the world, in its sheer poetry is existing in the most unpretensious manner, right here in the world. such a people are made to live with a chief minister who is the farthest diametrically possible from this culture.

how can this people get a chief minister who is the direct opposite of them and the way they live their lives. the easy answer to this is that the people have a sort of psychic urge to check out the edge of the precipice, a kind of recklessness to go and check out the extreme.

the clueless soul that jayalalitha is goes about thinking that power is to be used to great effect. and then there are the liars who give her company. these are the editors of dina mani, dina malar, the new indian express; and one ramasamy ,the being that cannot be compared with any creature because it is a the bottom of the bottom of creation, the uncreation.

how should a minority conduct itself when it stumbles upon a top job? in Tamilnadu, some sections of this minority has tremendous guilt, angst, and existential pain. how does this minority behave when it actually gets the chance to  attain the topmost position of society. the minority starts thinking that it is deserving of the position. the minority does not understand that the chance is to get a bigger picture, at least when, the urge to cheat, corrupt and lie will be put to rest. instead, the opposite happens. the cheating, corrupting and lying is thought of as great possessions.

the vaishnavite pretender is a subsect of this minority that never learnt anything in life. just like the jew. and the buddhist sri lankan. all of these three have existential frustration and insecurity. how do they overcome that condition. by cheating and lying. never ever learning.

we are witness to the depth of humanity. we watch it LIVE  daily. we watch and see how a human being that does not live with dignity and simplicity, will never understand what it has been given, even when it is the greatest gift.

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