Sunday, July 31, 2011

please do not take my scam away! Please!

r madhavan from coimbatore writes to the hindu that it was most distressing to hear mr raja's counsel describe the cag as legally illiterate.

r prathaban from guduvancherry writes to the hindu that raja's defense that he wanted to make mobile services cheap has no substance either. prathaban says that the services would have become cheaper due to the market situation anyway.

how wonderful this is, we have sector experts pronouncing that something has no substance, and what would have happened anyway. how sure are the readers of the hindu. things are cool, slick and simple, when we have such pronouncers aplenty in the land.

what these kind of letters reveal is the extent to which the common man has been fed an one-sided story. the common man is nowhere near being aware that he has been made a joker by media that is spineless nerveless and brainless. this media can not be expected to go against the communal opposition. to take on a communal opposition that pretends to be the the greatest and the purest is a simple task.

our people will be feeling ashamed that they were conned to such an extent. did any section of the media give them a honest opinion. no, they all felt a raja was the ideal villain and in their greed at having found a target, the entire media stopped thinking. they made their money.the people were fooled, taken for jokers.

what is the role of the media. is it the seller of a story where the government can never be right and the opposition can never be wrong.

In India, the opposition is communal, dangerously communal, not like jean marie le pen or the british nationalist party. the indian opposition has bloodied hands, and yet it goes on without the least hint of remorse. and when this opposition takes up a report of an accountant that is premised on the iq of a sixth standard student, the media holds this opposition up by going for the government and its ally.

this is the media, supreme, honourable, powerful, the fourth pillar.

this is india today. where a marketer called aroon poorie manages to get a seat at a press conference of the primeminister.

this is the india where on july 31 2011, a ex-judge going by the name of santosh hegde talks on ndtv, one of the prominent channels, about the siphoning off of 176000 crores.

in india today, how can the people think. when the media cannot think. and it interviews judges who cannot think.

if india develops, it will be because our people managed to think for themselves, out of the unthinking trash that the media was emitting in the last two years.

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