Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the joker finally gets stopped

the anna hazare joke is thankfully over. once again, it has been confirmed that whatever exists as media today in our country is a waste, these people do not know what it means to think...the fools cover the fool..this is what is hapening from morning..and more and more of our youth are misled and made fun of, by getting manipulated into supporting a fool. Just because someone is old and wears a gandhi cap just not mean he will derail democracy and we have to stand by and watch him make a fool of himself. the most crucial thing is that countless people are distracted by a show that is meaningless. one part of the scum duo, prashanth bhushan is still going on and on talking on tv.

in this country today, in one state,textbooks have not reached students after three months of school.

and we are forced to listen to anna hazare's daughter in law on television.

give a joker leeway, considerable coverage, and he starts thinking he is bigger than life. the only problem is our electronic media is gutless, spineless, shameless. it cannot take a stand against a joker, instead, it keeps covering him. the media in India today is a group of people who do not know what it is to take a stand. there is no meaning at all in including the electronic media within the term of fourth estate. the electronic media just needs, fools, jokers, scum duos, to keep its show running. it is a cameraman/camerawoman who thrusts cameras, and runs wherever there is some kind of event. these are cameraholders.

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