Monday, August 22, 2011

how humans should not live

the prime example is the joker called anna hazare, who has the huge ugly pride to demand a way, wanting to grab credit for something by diminishing and rubbishing everything that has been built step by step, brick by brick, thought by thought, and day by day.

This joker has led some people into spitting on the tradition of talking, engaging, and building. The joker wants to lead some people into the state of lunacy. The students who have taken to following this joker are the saddest part of the comedy enacted by this joker.

There needs to be a word that describes this joker better. The nation is being made a joke. Still, the joker is being covered by the cameraholders.

The other person who gives the joker company is an ex-actress. This ex-actress jaya is behaving in a manner that is entirely repugnant to human attitude and aspiration. She has ordered a poem hailing the Tamil language to be erased and torn from books, and she does not want to use the state assembly built by her predecessor.

Such open displays of lunacy and stupidity are enacted in full public view in India today, under the full coverage of the cameraholders.

As far as the joker is concerned, what pains us the most is the way some of our youth are revealing that they have lost the ability to think. These youth are putting a stake in our hearts by thinking that shouting in support of a joker is what democracy is.

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