Friday, August 19, 2011

having said that

this is how everybody talks on tv.

first, they condemn the joker's arrest.

then, they tell there are other people with other version's of lokpal bill.

if you do not arrest a joker who prefesses contempt for parliamentarians, and who describes the government as wanting to institutionalise corruption, then whom do you arrest.

one joker is spitting on the temple of democracy. one joker is leading the people into foolishness. to arrest such a joker is described as stupid, and foolish, and despotic.

Mani Shankar had to plead with clasped hands to a young fellow who was worked up about the arrest of the joker. This is what the joker has done, he has systematically turned the youth into sorry rats who think the joker is the greatest thing.

why was he arrested? because the joker did not agree to the conditions imposed by the police. if the joker had accepted the conditions, then he could have carried on with the fast.

everybody in the land is a bumbling and fretting, in front of a joker, who turns the temple of democracy, which represents millions of people into an object of contempt and ridicule.

the soul of this nation will never ever forgive this joker for this sin.

all the cameraholders will continue covering this sinner, because they do not have means to a decent living. they will hang on to a joker for dear life, if it gives them some food.

the real leaders like Manish Tiwari and Kapil Sibal are not needed by the people, who have been led into idiocy and lunacy by the joker.

all that the people seem to prefer is a joker, or maybe a dictator.

this is like losing one's money to a petty thief, while trying to change currency at the airport. when the petty thief goes away after handing counterfeit indian rupees, the indian citizen will be running here and there in desperation, holding a counterfeit note in hand. All of this happened, because the person who wanted to change the currency did not have the patiense to wait for the official channel.

this is what is happening in TamilNadu today, where a building built to house the state assembly is sought to be turned into a hospital.

A prime citizen in the land, having the auspicious name of ram, puts that out in bold headlines on his newspaper. this prime citizen also has started to like being a rat.

the temple of democracy is locked up and then the accidental chief minister announces that it will be converted into a hospital. the prime citizen with the auspicious name of ram tells many of his newspaper's readers also had the same proposal.

the jokers have taken over. the people had better start scurrying to their places of worship.

which is what they had anyway been doing, in their quest for wealth, fortune and comfort.

and at the end, all of us will be holding counterfeit notes, with crazed desperation.

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