Wednesday, August 24, 2011

one joker leads many young people into folly

the act of the joker is getting extremely sad, with students joining him in a sorry development for the country.

some of our students have let the nation down by not thinking, and evaluating with common sense, but by being attracted by the antics of a joker.

the nation is being spat on, denigrated and defiled.

the idiot called kejriwal is an unconscionable blot on this country and its achievements.

the scum duo of subramanian swamy and prashanth bhushan have a new entrant in this idiot kejriwal. they become a scum trio now.

it is a major challenge for the country to take into account some thing like kejriwal. it is the maximum stress test that our country will ever have to endure, to have to be engaging with an idiot like kejriwal.

he is much more than an idiot, he is the traitor and the descrator of this nation, walking around in pretense and cheating the people in the garb of a do-gooder.

The greatness of our country lies in the fact that we are enduring such a wasted human being.

all the while, the modern-day beggars aka the cameraholders are covering the joker, the idiot, one part of a scum duo, and one lumpen retired policewoman.

i saw cnn-ibn put out a photo list of all the beggars who will be begging at various parts of the country. These modern-day beggars do not know in the least that they are covering a joker who is cheating the young students, leading them into destruction, leading the country into destabilisation.

as long as there are crowds, the modern-day beggars will make an appearance, focused as they are on their endeavour to beg at any cost.

they will cover traitors, idiots, jokers, anyone, if they can make a bit of money.

they need to beg, even though, there is decent work and decent food at hand, with the application of mind.

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