Friday, August 19, 2011

how a bunch of idiots created a joker

the media of our country, especially the electronic type, did not have the most basic of reporting capability to inform the people that auction of spectrum was not considered by the government.

hence, when a CAG  tells that loss is incurred, that bizarre and unbecoming and unhealthy conclusion was not at all taken into an analysis by the media so that our people might have been enlightened.

Instead, the cheap and degenerate people working in the industry, revelled in putting circles around A Raja, and kept talking about the huge 176,000 crore scam.

That was the moment when young and middle class India was first stabbed in the back.

Using that first attack, the image of corruption was made out to be overwhelming, setting up young and middle class India for a fatal stab.

Now, the joker in town, Anna Hazare, has arrived with a big commotion, leading those who have already been severely wounded to collective suicide, now also getting egged on by the electronic media.

The nation-building has been stalled; debate and education has been replaced with threats and throngs of people on an artificial high.

we have chief ministers like jayalalithaa and narendra modi, who have replaced the normal political process, the normal life of a people, as a result of people's illusions of replacing imperfect democratic interaction with one-person demagoguery.

The damage is slowly and inexorably being perpetrated.

A rise of a leader from the ground as a representative of the people, through interaction with the people over years, is now being rubbished, and instant jokers like Anna Hazare, and instant quickfix injustices and accidents such as jayalalithaa and narendra modi sprout.

We are led to selfdestruction because of the inhuman thoughts and activities of a class, and the employment of a few thousands in electronic media, which is also mostly linked to the former.

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