Saturday, August 27, 2011

the bloody idiot

though i avoided the beggars of electronic media, i spotted a bloody idiot who i think goes by the name of sanjeev shrivasava, i have spotted this bloody idiot working for bbc earlier. this bloody idiot said lalu prasad's contribution was buffoonery.

bloody idiots like this do not know the millions whom lalu was representing.

the bloody idiot said lalu was past his prime.

as we listen to the cries of the egoistic joker/entertainer anna hazare, all the issues raised by sharad yadav, lalu prasad, ram vilas paswan, are erased by the bloody idiots of the media. though i was only watching the only decent channel cnnibn, i can only imagine what scum of beggars like times now channel would have been presenting.

as our beloved parliament is desecrated and rubbished, we realise that some classes have come very close to enacting a coup d etat.

the joker is singing the national anthem after spitting on the nation.

the recoil will be immediate for the joker and all those who covered the joker.

this is not a joke for a joker to enact.

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