Monday, July 18, 2011

media in india

private conversations between people are recorded by some government agency. these are then released to the media. yet, there is no investigation by the government into how this happened. the conversation was recorded for the purpose of some investigation. it was not recorded for the consumption of the masses. the media in our country have violated the privacy of the individuals, in as appalling a manner, as happened in the U.K.

are we running a mediocracy/ mobocracy or a democracy.

the media makes money by publishing these conversations, which it them makes out as a part of the process of cleansing democracy. if that were the case, then the magazines or channels, should have given the magazines for free to the public, or the channels should have not allowed advertisements on the days that these revelations were telecast.

the vile quest to make money did not attempt to confront the question of the violation of human rights of the people concerned.

this is what mobocracy is, and this is extremely more serious than what the News of the world did.

and then there is the supreme stab into the heart of the democracy, where the CAG, instead of  submitting its report to parliament, releases the report to the media. and the cheap person at the helm of the CAG  is feted by the media.

the media in our country is wrecking the nation in the dishonourable race to make money. none of the media have dignity and honour, which works hard and builds up its readership.

we have one example that captures the whole depravity of these media houses, by one of the broadcasters which is not nearly as depraved as others in its community. cnn-ibn took a letter written by dayanidhi maran asking for telecom isues to be handled by the telecom ministry, and the lack of a need to have a wide-ranging committee. this channel called this letter, dayanidhi maran arm twisted prime minister.

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