Friday, July 8, 2011

dayanidhi maran

A Raja was faulted because he granted licenses. Dayanidhi Maran is faulted because he sat on licenses.

when the investigating authority enters into the investigation of a sector that needs specialist advice, the first thing that the authority needs is to ask for such advice.

After doing all the fooling around and the dancing around the trees and the pretending, the investigating authority of our country has systematically acted to damage itself and any seriousness that it should be taken with. after playing around with least application of mind, this investigating agency is now awaiting the expert opinion of the concerned regulatory authority, the telecom regulatory authority of India.

what is revealed is that we are a country of people who have no ability to speak and behave in an upright and forthright manner. the cancer at the core of this behaviour is the caste system as penetrated and perpetrated by the brahmins. This caste system does not allow people to behave morally, as they are always fighting and struggling against a set of people who have arrogated for themselves the position of the top hierarchy and the position of beyond the rest of the population. this kind of a system allows this top hierarchy to do all the immoral activities, and also at the same time to point its finger at those whom it doubts as encroaching into its comfort zone. there is a concerted targeting of this new aspirant.

hence, the CBI will fool around, the court will fool around, and then the conspirators acting in unison are confident that the allegations and accusations will stick, confident as they are in their ability to beguile the people. for centuries, they have fooled an entire continent into buying their mantras and tantras, by the touting and brandishing of material wealth and health in this shortlived life. the fear insecurity and greed is brought to the fore by the evil cabal which will go to any extent to retain its position as the mover and the shaker of this sub-continent. this should be the fount of anything that can be labeled evil. all of our people are neatly praying appeasing and showering the gods with their hopes and wishes of material success. the human existence is reduced to the aspiration for the good life. the priests have the mantras for marriage, the mantras for opening a new business, the mantras for health, the mantras for the ailments of the soul, the hordes beseech the priests with their troubles, the priests give them the relief. the hordes do not know the value of their existence. the imbalances that were created in society by the hoarding of wealth by those who were tied up with the matra-peddler, has resulted in every other section of society wanting to invoke the mantras. the man/woman in the Indian subcontinent does not know what life is, what it means to have the ability to think. this man/woman has his gods and the brokers in between. there is no time to reflect.

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