Thursday, July 7, 2011

the failed country

in the failed country, allegations are used to drive a one-sided picture, there are no two sides to a case in the failed country. a group of people who are called MEDIA will give the people that side of the story which it deems will get the most attention. the addiction of some classes to a feeling of being very holy and hardworking needs a villain that can be targeted. for the people in the north of our country, the dmk is THE VILLAIN, the opposite of their RAMA.  the media therefore zooms onto the DMK, and all the people of the north are suitably feted with news of the simulated targeting of the DMK.

There is just one side to the story here, the villain is a confirmed one, the MEDIA revels in its collective ability to destroy.

The country will fail very soon, when this kind of motivated reporting brings governance to a halt. the government has been taken over by the media and the supreme court. the media plays all motivated allegations of all motivated individuals. the one making the allegation can be anyone, themselves steeped in corruption, but when these individuals belong to some class or caste, they are continually given the benefit of the doubt.

In such a situation, the maoists will be confident that a few more blows will get the whole structure to crumble. the army might then be used to operate within the country. all kinds of motivated actors will be realising that the present situation is ideal to make any plans.

the media and certain castes that predominate this media and the upper reaches of society have wrecked this country, with the fanaticism of their fantasy of a superior descent and a superior position. they could not get themselves to allow a consensual and parliamentary form of government based on collective decision-making, to be allowed to take root. they have targeted the prime minister for his supposed weakness, wanting the prime minister to be a most powerful and overriding position of power that controls 1 plus billion people. with their greed and inhuman feeling and motivations, these certain castes are now dreaming of a return to their ideal past, where they are the top of the hierarchy. at present, they are feeling vindicated that their holy war has got the villains to come down from their positions. they revel and are happy.

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