Friday, July 1, 2011

here we go again

while the electronic media has turned out to be a set of desperate and insecure loudmouths, the print media has allowed the current situation of upper-class and middle-class dumb drama to turn itself to wannabe great moment pretenders.

the masses watch tv and get their daily dope fix from the respective channels. the poor print guys are feeling left out and want some action.

hence, siddharth varadarajan wants some credentials that will keep his and his newspaper's bit as great-moment players in the spotlight. The Hindu editorial tells that Dr Singh sought to take refuge in the claim that the decisions for which his government is being pilloried now “post facto” were taken under conditions of “uncertainty” and that the accusations of wrongdoing and corruption would paralyse the government and discourage “entrepreneurial impulses.

the personification of greatness and great-momentousness tells next," Nothing could be further from the truth."

what we have here is that globalisation and exposure to the world capitalism has resulted in our media chaps wanting to feel that they are also as good as the media chaps in the west and elsewhere. this wannabe attitude has resulted in them thinking that journalism is a waste of time without a revolution and without a government to target. hence, they just go out and attack, that is it, " we are the media and we have to attack, we will not think, we cannot think, because one unthinking paper or channel gets all the attention, then how can we think." this is the state of affairs in our media today.

here, siddharth varadarajan talks of banana republic. the article is the perfect definition of nonsense, and also the perfect definition for media-wannabe-like-west syndrome.

this guy writes,"The police and intelligence agencies have snooped and spied and harassed innocent citizens and political activists throughout the country for decades without any one in authority ever worrying about the consequences."

Amazing...This is the classic case of being out of kilter.

A character like anna hazare is taking all of us for a painful and pathetic ride, turning us to self-wrecking psychos addicted to theatre and pretension, dealing a horrendous blow to the heart of the country that was built with humility and hard work. a publicity-seeking set of perverse pretenders have wasted our time and energies and is leading us into a situation of mass madness.

We are at such a great moment in time, when we are building and moving into a subcontinental success scenario, where the last thing we need and can countenance is some publicity-seeking pretender. we are proceeding with the most controlled mode of development, not too slow, not too fast, all of us have opportunities, all of us know how to deal with someone who is corrupt, but, we have this set of so-called civil society and so-called media, making a spectacular comedy, that cannot be put up with anymore. anna hazare must be asked to just get back to wherever he came from immediately. he made a mockery of all of us.

there is no need for 9am-9pm breaking news anymore. these people at the electronic media must be given counselling and asked to put breaking news only if some very major event takes place.

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