Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the murder of democracy by the media

Israel was created by ejecting the Palestinians. This unnatural intervention in the lives of peoples and societies has ended up creating hell for the Palestinians. The move to create Israel can be described as the most sickening episode in the history of the world. All the people living in that country are very convinced that it is their land and that they have the right to exist there.

Such a folly is what has befallen some sections of our country and almost an absolute majority of the media in our country. These people think that they have the right to fight corruption and that whatever they tell is fine because they are convinced that they are right.

The media will not weigh an issue and see whether there is any basis behind some allegation. In the case of A Raja, the fundamental issue of wrongdoing in allocation has not been brought out by any of the media groups which want to bring some new sensational wrongdoing to the fore on a daily basis. The race is on. Right now, the DMK is easily portrayed as a wrong-doer. Hence, something, anything that can be thrown up makes for good viewership. The thinking is let s make hay while the sun shines.

All the talk is about quid pro quo. All the talk is about transfer of money, investment etc.

But, what is the basis of the wrongdoing. Should that not be established at the very outset, before any kind of quid pro quo is investigated.

In India, this is not the case. An allegation will be made. Then, all money transfers, investments, business deals, will be put out in the media. This goes on and sales and viewership increases.

Such a behaviour will be put up by the people, only as long as they can be kept under the impression that there is a reality behind all the media soundbytes.

This is the alternative to joining a political party and building democracy.

In this alternative, the party that is the natural representative of the people is the villain. Because, only if the villain is big and in charge of running the show, and is massive enough to be targeted loosely, can the cameras be set up, and the anchors start screaming.

You cannot target somebody like narendra modi, jayalalithaa, yeddyurappa, because they are just individuals. You need a big, organisational entity to target. Only then will the show go on unhindered.

This unnatural intervention has been going on from the time that UPA-II  came into being. The boredom of a comfortable government, with a widespread-base party was not conducive to the media. The same was the case in Tamilnadu where the DMK was doing the boring work of providing development. The media was feeling left out of the action. Hence, it started taking out all kinds of barbs, innuendoes and full-scale vitriol against the government. Having achieved an outcome of their liking, the pack is now in a state of limbo, while they await the theatrics of the one-woman show.

What is the state of the economy in Tamilnadu? What were the power projects that were inaugurated? what is the state of the world economy? what is the state of education in Tamilnadu? What is the state of infrastructure in Tamilnadu? What is the state of the Tamil language? What is the state of social progress in Tamilnadu? Are the people of Tamilnadu moving towards rationalism? What is the condition of primary health centres in TamilNadu? What is the state of content of the people? What is the state of business in Tamilnadu? What is the state of food security of the people of Tamilnadu?

these are the natural questions that will be asked by MEDIA.

But in Tamilnadu, the media wants to sell by selling controversy and scandal, revealing the media to be least interested in societal betterment, and most interested in pettiness and dishonesty.

The normal evolution of society is impeded by distracting the people towards shortcuts. This situation is exactly similar to the shortcuts on offer by the brahminical religion, which offers the possibility of achieving wealth by availing of the short cuts devised by the brahmins.

Such a media and such a religion will never have lofty ideals as its driving force. It will never have progress at its root and heart. Because, when there is progress, there is no footing for such a media and such a religion. If the people are content, there is no need to watch news at night, or to conduct the ritual. There will only be the fulfilment and achievement of human potential. Now, what we have is the offering of the cheap titillation of taking potshots at a perceived and portrayed wrongdoer. The cheap happiness of watching false sensation on television and reading it in the newspaper is the pinnacle of achievement of some educated indians today. There is no purpose. There is no goal. There is only tv and newspapers where we get some scandal daily. Never mind, if at the end, there is nothing whatsoever in this scandal and in this scam.

who will take responsibility for all the people who comment in this article


1-----Varghese asks," 1. Issue leagal notice to the News papers who are all publishing the .scams.
Ask the media where is the Scam ? where is the scam ? , K Sibal will help you ..he will comeup with readymade answers , " You cannot question qovt policy" ? [ Our altimate policy is to loot the country]
2. They will pull our chair, No resignation allowed..
3. After resignation,apply for Bail, anyway it will be rejected by the court
4. Balu will appear & say " Mr Maran will comeout with Clean" ..Actually balu is next , Singh G has seen his record , thatswhy he didn't give ticket.
5. next Let law takes its action. 1 year big sleep. then you will find where was the scam?/
6.Anyway next year , we all will forget."

2-----khatron ke khiladi asks,"Can he reply only one question

How did his SUN TV suddenly became 1000Crore from 100Crore entity?
Get in to the root and you will find an answer

The answer is entire DMK and Karunanidhi Family is full of Scamsters
They are like bedbugs, they will multiply & continue to grow if you try to kill on."

3-----prem asks,"Whare did the enormous wealth came from during the tenure of Dhayanidhi Maran & his brother Kalanithi Maran.Sun TV got listed in Stock market after getting the scam money and now Kalanithi Maran and his wife are getting 68.4 crore per annum each as CEOs from Sun TV legally.Ironically the Marans got 10%f shares from MK's family at a @#$% cheap rate.It's worth investigating and bring the facts now."

4-----krishnan asks,"First there is denial, then there is acceptance and regret. Then there is a little bit of jail time - so that people feel that justice is delivered and then life moves on and on and very soon the jailed get bailed. Mission accomplished.
This is the best part of the deal - the house always wins.
Come on people - everyone knows that Congress gave DMK the permission to loot. Even in DMK people knew that Dayanidhi was a crook and they shunted him out and put Raja so that he deliver the loot directly to Karuna via Kanni. Money Money Money its a con man's game."

India is a country where there are no laws..That is what we can arrive at after reading all these people, who watch tv daily for the daily scandal.

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