Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gods, Natural Justice and Divine Dispensation

kowsik talks about good and evil.

he tells,"All the people thank the Gods and Judiciary for this turn of events in TN."

we can ignore kowsik as just one misguided person, but the level of ignorance and imagination that festers in him can be seen in a more expanded and erudite version in this site, where there are all sorts of brahmins from all sorts of ages, some of them with nice Tamil names.

These characters peddle the religion called hinduism, where everything is ancient and everything is wise, everything is goodly, godly, so divine and so melting and elevating. for these people, those who reject their thinking are evil. and when those that reject their thinking lose elections, it is seen as triumph of good. all the more better that a brahmin lady has led the triumph. all the peddling has now moved to the internet, which is the achievement of the western world, that subscribes to a different thinking of god and gods.

for these tamil hindu types, the longer that they labour under the belief that the peddling of their religion is a fight for the good over the evil, the more they are making way for their own alienation. there is a nature, a golden ratio, out there, that will countenance anything, even a brahmin as the chief minister of TamilNadu, but will not countenance lies and false propaganda.

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