Sunday, June 5, 2011

bye bye, anna hazare the proud buffoon

anna hazare has said he will boycott tomorrow's meeting on the lokpal.

it is a crime that this buffoon is claiming to talk on our behalf when we do not even know where he lives, what he does. but he is out there, claiming to talk on our behalf. there is some talk that he is a gandhian, and that he did something in Maharashtra, that made him very proud.

it is good that he has decided to boycott the meeting. there is no need for him, nor for that other bigmouth santosh hegde, nor for the shrill fellow kejriwal. this guy kejriwal always acts and talks as if he is in tenth standard and his favorite teacher has given him a caning. he looks all righteously wounded and talks loudly all the while, almost as if he will break down and cry any time.

not a shred of dignity, not an iota of humility, all these sick seekers of publicity should be asked to do community service for one year, instead of roaming around the capital.

exit all these characters, with the ejecting of the yoga teacher as well, we can have our elected representatives discuss our affairs and issues. the utterly shameless person called lk advani today was calling for a special session on parliament. how can any human being talk about wanting something that he has continuously wrecked. lk advani does it. the shameless instigator of murder also said this could be a turning point for politics.

it is now very obvious that digvijay singh is our next prime minister. he is the most experienced politician in the country today.

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