Sunday, June 26, 2011


the chief minister of Tamilnadu has ordered the state legislature to shift back to the old premises, after it had been changed to a brand new building. have the people of the world seen or heard of any thing like this.

the legislature of a state of 70 million people was moved to a new building, which was inaugurated by the prime minister of the union, with the occasion being graced by the chief ministers of adjoining states. after the elections, the old government was voted out and a new government was sworn in.

the new government cited the incompletion of ancillary buildings, and has ordered the legislature to be moved back to the old premises. this new government has also ordered all work to be stopped in the construction, and has ordered an enquiry to look into some irregularities that it has itself alleged.

in the history of this world and in the history of democracy, if any such action has been witnessed, it can be reported by anyone reading this, but i have never heard of any such happening.

the people of my state are not bothered about such an act, as the media has not reported any such dissatisfaction.

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