Friday, June 24, 2011

the best innovation of man

a human being in India has issued a threat to a group of people, and he has stated that this very group of people are backing him. and he has stated that he is acting in the best interests of the same group of people.

you attack me and then justify it by telling that you have my backing for your attack on me. there is a human being out there who is actually telling this to the media.

this innovativeness of the character who goes by the name of anna hazare is typical of the type of thinking that led to our subcontinent being warped in superstition and mediocrity. in our subcontinent, there is a type of human being that does not know what it is to be straightforward, simple, honest, and dignified. the curse of nature is that this very type of human being hogs the spotlight and the limelight, leading us astray and in a backward direction.

for whoever reads this, and for that human being called anna hazare, this is a affidavit that i do not want to be represented by anna hazare.

wow, that is how we can exclaim at this innovativeness of this human being.

but, this is serious, this is a strike at the heart, a strike at the very existence, an act similar to the acts of vileness of the editors of tughlaq, dina mani and dina malar..which reveal the extreme lengths that a human being can turn to when corrupted by the evil of greed, jealousy and mental disease.

if anna hazare does not mend himself soon, he will soon reach the pinnacle achieved by the editors of tughlaq, dina mani and dina malar.

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