Sunday, June 26, 2011


if it is found out that the cag report on the spectrum allocation is a joke, an april fool episode played out over two years, then who takes responsibility?

quite obviously, there has to be some type of punishment dealt out to the people responsible.the requirement of an auditor cannot be taken over by a stupid set of people. stupidity cannot be countenanced, as it reduces democracy and the union to a farce.

if a cag tells tomorrow that money has been wasted by developing missiles, or building satellites, as some mantra can defeat our enemies, and an astrologer can predict weather, won't such a stupid report be torn immediately. the cag might tell that flyovers are a waste as people can walk to their places of work, or the cag might tell that the courts are a waste of money, as local godmen can dispense justice more equitably.

the cag might tell that the legislature building in Tamilnadu is a waste, as the chief minister can decide all matters and then send faxes to all the mlas. why do you need all the mlas to come to the state capital, the cag might tell.

the cag would also tell similarly that parliament is a waste of time and money. the cag might tell that education is a waste, as all information is contained in the vedas, which can be imparted at a fraction of the costs to the students in mass vedic chanting congregations.

the cag might tell that importing oil is a waste, as all the people can use horses and bullock carts.

to prevent such cags in the future, we have to put the present group of people who came up with the number of 176,000 to undergo some kind of disciplinary action, so that the action of enacting april-fool episodes are not repeated.

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