Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the human being who did not measure up

this is like hanuman going and trying to catch the sun. there are ways, means and rules in life, within which intelligent human beings strive to achieve their best.

there are some, however, on this planet, who believe myth-making and myth-building are a good substitute for hard work and the application of mind and thought. These followers of the so-called hindutva create and believe in all kinds of fancy myths that are a shame to the existence of human beings. The weaknesses of the people in their drive towards material wealth are exploited by these peddlers of fear and superstition.

murli manohar joshi heads a committee, but he wants the rest to accept what he has come up with, and he goes about clutching files, telling that he will seek legal opinion. this is a failed human being at work, who does not know how to work with honesty and dignity and work towards whatever cause one might be humanly striving for.


the sorry chaps at THE HINDU,  who could not cover a gathering of people in the thousands at the marina on june 26, were found earlier to be giving airtime to this failed report of a failed parliamentarian and a failed human being.

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