Tuesday, June 28, 2011

mahinda rajapakse

this guy thinks he can live a good life, even as millions are going through extreme distress and agony. he goes about mobilising people who are keen to support him. all those who believe that they can stamp out their opponents are ranging towards the president of the sinhalese people. all those who believe that there are some fundamental values in life are ranging towards the other side. the fence-sitters are the biggest democracies of the U.S and India, the U.S because it is a pauper with a jewish albatross core, India because it believes that it has become grown up into a superpower which has to sometimes look the other way. India believes that realpolitik as practiced by bureaucrats is an art to be proud of, now that we are a superpower. hence, we see the menons and the raos enjoying their careers, with the least idea about there being something called truth and that truth alone triumphs. the career diplomats are all happy enjoying their powers of negotiation; dialogue is the in-thing, ground realities are not for the career diplomats who revel in dialogue. and our economist prime minister has no time for all such matters, and the congress party is finding it hard to shoo away the scum that calls itself the electronic media, the parasites that are fattening at the expense of wrecking the forward progress of a sub-continent. in all this, mahinda rajapakse feels good and secure, making deals, building relationships, forgetting that a thief who steals land is setting himself up for annihilation, at any time, from any direction. you can thieve and revel only for a short while..history is there to be read and to be grasped.

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