Sunday, June 5, 2011

brinda karat

this female was smiling while talking on NDTV, as if she has some kind of divine knowledge in her arsenal. she belongs to a party that does not have any idea how to build up membership. her party is a party that wants class equality. she talks eloquently and smoothly. she peddles a joke that the congress does not want to fight corruption. she thinks the congress is a party like her party, confined to two pockets in two corners of the country. the chutzpah that this female carries about her is a reflection of the sheer failure of her party to capture the imagination of the people. they are all eloquent when they talk. yet, on an issue where they can easily get the people to support them, if all is as bad as they allege, they have no real plan to build among the people. that reflects on the wasted bunch that this party is all about. prakash karat proved that he is a sheer shame of a politician when he campaigned in Tamilnadu. he gives bouquets to jayalalithaa. that is the great achievement of prakash karat the politician. these people of the cpim are arguers, debaters, who at the end of the day go and stand behind jayalalithaa. greatness indeed. brinda karat will talk well. if talkers are the doers, then the cpim is the greatest party on earth, but this party of talkers hangs to jayalalithaa. and their leader talks like a third rate nincompoop, no word can describe this fool called prakash karat.

and now brinda karat tells the government is diabolical, utterly failed and every thing that her dumb and decayed intellect can summon.

dushyant dave is the hero of our times, who stepped up, when the nation needed him, and revealed this female of the communist party to be as much a waste of time as prakash karat demonstrated recently in Tamilnadu. dushyant dave raised the question of whether we need our country to go on, or do barkha dutt, rajdeep sardesai, arnab goswami, a kid called kanwal, need to be employed.

both of the imbeciles, arnab goswami and rajdeep rajdesai, indulged in loose talk and referred to dayanidhi maran and kanimozhi. just some allegation somewhere and massive corruption is proven.there is no need for any court to give any verdict. the imbecile duo of arnab goswami and rajdeep sardesai have usurped that role. ideally, they should get a couple of slippers flung at them, to strike them straight in the face.

 do we need the nation, or do we need a few hundreds to be employed in electronic media. dushyant dave was the hero. as also was shabnam hashmi, who informed the people that there was a lot more going on backstage. the question that shabnam asked whether we need swamis ruining our country just like the mullahs are destroying pakistan, was shouted down by barkha dutt. we get our common sense from the newspapers we read. shows like the one conducted by barkha dutt, give importance to the murderers of the so-called hindutva brigade, while shouting down people like shabnam hashmi. the good thing that came out of this show, was that we learned that brinda karat thinks that the INC is confined to pockets like the cpim, and that she is as much a disgrace as prakash karat is, and we got a hero of our times in dushyant dave.

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