Monday, June 20, 2011

how they serve justice

the cbi tells that witnesses will be influenced, as if they will be influenced only if kanimozhi is out on bail. so, if she is inside, the witnesses cannot be influenced. according to the cbi, kanimozhi is some person with some vedic powers that allows her to threaten witnesses. maybe, she will come outside and conduct yagnas and use those vedic powers to influence the witnesses. that is why she is  being asked to remain in jail, as she cannot conduct the yagnas inside the prison.

the monstrosity of the legal system is going to make a severe dent on all the activities of the government. a minister, a raja, is supposed to have made an undue favour to some company. another person, kanimozhi, has been joined as a conspirator, because a company in which she is a director, received an amount from the alleged receiver of the favour.

what this means is that anyone associated with a supposed wrongdoer can be assumed to be a part of the conspiracy.

if a person starts and runs a business, then anybody associated with this person, must ask for a list of the people with which this person does business or is associated with. then anybody associated with this person must steer clear of having any connection with anyone on this list.

because, if there is some problem between the first two, the guilt will bounce onto the third.

without making out the case for the undueness of the minister's actions, the sorry state of our legal process and the investigating agency, is revealed to us. the actions of the scum duo, prashanth bhushan and subramanian swamy, have resulted in the courts, the agency, and the government, becoming a pathetic and terrible set, who have no idea about evaluating, presenting and defending issues. the scum of the media have left all our agencies in a state of sickness and fear, with the  end result of farcical cowardice and ineptitude.

the agency is supposedly trying to establish a money trial. what it reveals now is that it is a shaking, trembling, and least-enabled to carry out its investigations. this sorry state of affairs has resulted in wanting everyone in jail, while the inept group plods on.

the state of affairs in our country in the present time makes us think that the CBI will ask for jail even after innocence is established by the court. it is probable  today that even after someone is found to be not guilty, the court and the cbi will want to keep someone in prison, because of there having been the original accusation. what we realise now is that a handful of scum can derail democracy.

.we have a TEAM ANNA  writing in a newspaper today.

let us see who gets bail in what cases in the future...the price has to be paid very soon. and it will be a very dear price..

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