Wednesday, June 22, 2011

civilian deaths

bbc was showing a libyan father clutching his death child and asking the question to the forces that bombed from the air about why the child was killed.

as the russians are also revealing themselves to be desperate to beg, just as the chinese are doing, by allying with murderers, we have to ask the human beings that live in the west, those countries who handicapped one of the parties in a fight, about why 40,000 and more civilians were killed. if that is how you win a war, by showering bombs from the sky indiscriminately, then god forbid, let all of these peoples not find themselves in a situation where some enemy rains bombs from the sky on them. because, at that time, we the tamils will be applauding and baying for the death of more and more and all of the peoples of the countries, who labeled the eelam army as terrorists. the chinese and the russians are desperately begging as they do not have any chance of surviving with what they possess within their respective countries. hence, the chinese and the russians can only beg, cannot have honour and dignity, and their destiny is to be decided by nature. at least, the UK and France can be expected to have decent human beings.

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