Thursday, April 28, 2011

this is in a newspaper, we can guess the state of existence of the editor

the headline says" Statement by Raja's secretary nailed Kanimozhi".

a new comer would think that 'nailed ' means that a case has been heard and judgment has been rendered. it is only then that a question of 'nailed' comes up.

going into the story, anyone reading this can either laugh, cry, or go and bang their heads on the wall.

the evidence that "helped the CBI collect crucial eye-witness evidence to nail DMK Rajya Sabha MP Kanimozhi" comes from Ashirvatham Acharya’s disclosure that "They were also talking to each other over the telephone quite frequently.” 

and we have a newspaper reporting this. and we have some citizens thinking that they have a campaign going. this is the worst episode of mass hysteria that can occur when irresponsible and undeserving people are given an opportunity to mould opinion. one gets an idea of the hysteria that would have been whipped up against Indira Gandhi's democratically elected government in the 1970s. the nation got derailed then, as it only inevitably could have been, when hysteria is whipped up by the opposition in tandem with the media. today, we have the electronic media which everyone knows is made up of modern-day beggars with no sense of shame, and who rush to the studios like rabid dogs in a bid to clamour for viewers. there are some newspapers still around that continue in the vein of venality with the New Indian Express,dinamani and dinamalar the prime examples. 

In such a climate, what can the editor of The Hindu do?

He tells,"The question on everyone's lips, ‘where did the rest of the money go?', needs some quick and decisive answers."

which money?
the money that etisalat invested in swan telecom?
or the money that telenor invested in unitech?

he could just address the query to etisalat and telenor as to what happened to the money that they invested in swan and unitech.

but, the editor of the Hindu has his game to play, the charade to keep going, the people to be fooled. when all others are fooling the people, What is the need for the Hindu to give a real explanation to the people. The Hindu knows that its readers are fully convinced that there has been a scam. So the Hindu can only join the make-believe. Let us await the denouement. This most unimaginable game of make-believe that some sections of an entire class of society keep going, all the while egged on by a scum duo and the media, most of whom are unquestionably members of the brahmin tribe. Is this tribe an unfit for democracy tribe. is this kind of generalisation wrong? they unerringly fall into the pattern of behaviour, and corrupt everyone that is in their vicinity. the wastage of time and the diversion of energy is criminal and inhuman.

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